a Hip Hop Graffiti Artist & Super DJ
MC Producer /Beat maker from The Bronx NYC...

  • roachride

    Roachride 2005

    by Ghetto Vader120
  • catch-the-blust

    Catch A Blast (2008)

    by Ghetto Vader120
  • removing-the-dust

    Removing the Dust

    by Ghetto Vader120
  • man-from-planet-risq

    Man from Planet Risq

    by Ghetto Vader120
  • no-smoking-aloude

    No Smokin Aloud

    by Ghetto Vader120
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Ghetto Vader has Produced Music for over 20 record labels and MTV

  • ghetto-vador-galaxy

    Ghetto Galaxy

  • ghetto-vador-remix-project

    Ghetto Vader Remix Project

  • kush-with-ghetto-vedar

    Kush with GHETTO VADER

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